What Rough Beast?

For almost a year, since the day all the superheroes and supervillains in the world mysteriously disappeared, fear has gripped the world. Those that protected us from ruthless criminals, rescued us from terrifying natural disasters, and defended us from rapacious alien invaders are no longer here to save us. Crime rates have soared and governments struggle to prepare for the worst. People try to go about their business, but most can’t help but wonder; what doom hangs over us and when will it fall upon our heads?

At the same time, some daring men and women are trying to track down the missing supers’ hidden headquarters, overcome their dangerous defenses, thwart rival scavengers, and recover the powerful technologies, alien artifacts, magical tomes, and other valuable treasures hidden within, all while evading the law. This is called base raiding, a crazy mix of dungeon crawling and superpowered adventuring.

You’re no super, but you have skills which may help you survive long enough to become a successful base raider. And why have you decided to do this? Do you want to recover and sell valuable items in order to become wealthy? Do you seek fame? Are you an extreme thrill seeker? Are you looking for a cure for a terminal illness hidden among the scientific and magical treasures? Might you be one of the hidden extraterrestrials on earth looking for a way to return to your home? Is your goal to gain powers so that you can be among the next generation of supers? If you do become a super, how will you use your powers? What impact will your decisions have? And how will your experiences change you?

You are in Astro City, located on the Pacific Ocean, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a place famous for its supers. They’re gone now, so what better place to seek hidden bases?

Base Raiders: The Sword of Damocles

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