A Different Earth

Much Like Our Earth, At First Glance…

In addition to the existence of supers and The Accord itself, one difference in the Base Raiders world is the level of technology. Super scientists and the odd bit of reverse engineered alien technology have not resulted in flying cars becoming a common mode of transportation. AIs and robot servants, while they exist, are very expensive and not always reliable. Most technology resembles that on our earth, but most is faster, better, and cheaper. Advanced aerospace technology has resulted in a greater human presence in space, including a few manned missions to other planets. Medical technology is clearly superior to that on our planet.

Because of supers’ aggressive crime fighting efforts, the number of people serving in law enforcement is lower than in our world. Better-equipped law enforcement and military units often use pulse cannons or other advanced weaponry when facing dangerous enemies, and some elite units even wear power armor. Proliferation of this Technology has been limited considerably by The Accord. Some alien technology have also been exploited. The limited supply of fabbers, programmable fabricating units brought by the insect-like Luytien, have been used by supers to create most of their hidden lairs. While much widely-used technology on the Base Raiders world would surprise people from our planet, little of it would seem totally unfamiliar.

One anomaly worthy of special note is the Tunguska Dimensional Exclusion Zone. This is a growing dimensional portal which the Soviet government opened up in 1959 at the site of the famous Tunguska event. A local shaman that convinced had them that an ancient god had crashed to earth in 1908 and that it could be made to serve the state. Efforts opened up a gate which could access other worlds. This opening would occasionally shift, granting travel to a different reality. Explorers that returned often bore alien technology from other worlds. Most Soviet supers were empowered as a result of contact with Tunguska-found artifacts.

Over time, the zone spread and become far less predictable. In 1986, a failed effort to better control the phenomenon resulted in it spreading even more, and dozens of openings to unknown worlds began to open and close unpredictably. Alien monsters emerged and slaughtered hundreds before they were killed by the Soviet Army and members of The Red Pioneers. The area around the still-growing zone has become very heavily militarized, but some still sneak in and explore other worlds. After the fall of the Soviet Union, illegal access to the zone could be purchased from the right people, either for a healthy fee up-front, or for a cut of what comes out.

American Politics

While Democrats and Republicans are the dominant political parties in the U.S., the issues which occupy them tend to be different from those in our world. Because of the existence of super powers, gun control hasn’t been anywhere near as divisive an issue. In a world in which many individuals possess deadly, innate powers, and criminals may employ super-tech or alien weaponry, the ownership of mere firearms seem less of a concern to most. Shootings tend to produce less outrage in a world in which megalomaniacal villains have sometimes leveled inhabited skyscrapers or demolished heavily-populated sections of cities, killing thousands or tens of thousands at a time.

In fact, because there have been three alien invasions and due to the existence of other potentially hostile ETs is widely-believed, firearm ownership is somewhat more common in Base Raiders United States than in our world, and in Europe, countries that possess a home guard comprised of civilians armed with deadly weaponry kept in private homes is also more widespread. After all, not all invaders from outer space are bulletproof. In fact, the regulation, composition, size, funding, and type of arms allowed to such organizations are a recurring political issue in many countries.

The Bottom Line

The world of Base Raiders looked much like ours until the 1940s. With the coming of World War Two and the rise of the supers, our timelines diverged, though there are still strong similarities on a day to day level. Divergent events have created different public concerns. The one political issue that is of universal urgency basically boils down to “how can we survive now that the supers are gone?” For almost 70 years, these champions fought crime, thwarted rogue government operations, saved countless lives from natural disasters, shut down deadly runaway technology, stopped mass-murdering super-terrorists, and served as the final defense against alien invasions. Now, the public lives in fear of what will occur now that their protectors are gone. Many fear that humanity’s destruction is imminent. How to react? What to do? This is what is behind every significant political issue today.

A Different Earth

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