Aliens and Other Strangeness

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There are many extraterrestrials on earth. Some look human, but many are strange, even monstrous, in appearance. Most are the survivors of three alien invasions. Some other ETs were stranded when their spacecraft malfunctioned. Others came as scouts or spies. More than a few are escapees from doomed parallel earths; one such wave of refugees carried a hellish plague. Large numbers of aliens possess super powers or dangerous, advanced technology. More than a few are members of warrior races that have enslaved entire planets.

While a handful of such newcomers have been accepted as heroes or otherwise been taken into human society, most are regarded with suspicion or hostility. There are few nations willing to give ETs legal status. In most cases, becoming a legal resident is extremely difficult, and gaining actual citizenship all but impossible.

During the 1960s, using super-science, powerful sorcery, and calling on favors owed by beings of godlike power, The Ideal created Sanctuary, a solar-system sized pocket universe with a habitable terrestrial planet, as well as other worlds for beings not suited to an earthlike environment. Aliens that had long languished in refugee camps and specialized prisons were settled there and one-way access to these colonies still exists. There is no known way to return from Sanctuary.

International treaties and the laws of most countries make it illegal to send human beings born on earth to Sanctuary, but now that The Ideal is gone and can no longer deal with powered malefactors, some governments have begun to consider legislating around The Accord and sending any new super criminals that appear there, even those that are not aliens. Civil libertarians fear that if this becomes accepted practice, it is only a matter of time before rulers may also start to exile dissenters and political opponents. While not yet a major issue in the United States, neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have yet reached anything like a consensus on this issue, even with their own parties.

Though there’s no way to know for sure, there may be tens of thousands of aliens on earth. The official position of most governments is to put them in refugee camps, but political leaders know that many such beings, some quite powerful, live in the shadows and do not seem to pose an immediate danger. Because of this, they’re often ignored, though alien crackdowns occur when the political winds shift.

Aliens and Other Strangeness

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