Base Raiders

A New Controversy

Now that the supers are gone, a new breed of adventurers has arose. Base Raiders seek out abandoned lairs, looking such booty as super soldier serums, alien technology, super-tech, magical artifacts, and arcane books. Base Raiding is a federal crime in the United States. The Administration has declared that bases in the U.S. are to be considered facilities under federal authority until such time as The Ideal may return. They say that if untrained personnel, however well-meaning, disturb such sites, they might release such hazards as tailored viruses or killer robots, and that those who seek to gain powers may harm themselves and others due to their misguided efforts. Because of this, base raiders are often targeted by law enforcement.

While the President avoids answering direct questions about this matter, there is evidence that the current administration has ordered federal agencies to find and exploit these bases. There are rumors that the President wants to find ways to empower individuals, limiting the possession of super powers to a select group of obedient government operatives. Perhaps to some degree as a partisan reaction, many Republican leaders have argued that this conditional, allegedly-temporary base commandeering is an unconstitutional land-grab and that allowing the executive branch to decide who can have super powers and how they will be used sets a dangerous precedent. Should the executive branch really control all supers in the United States? Should private citizens be allowed to gain super powers? These and related issues are at the forefront of debate in Washington DC and on the street and Internet today. Similar questions are being raised in other countries.

Another problem related to base raiders is the mercenary nature of some of this new breed. Crime rates have soared since the supers vanished, so quite a few Americans with a range of political identifications would certainly give the benefit of the doubt to individuals who obtain super powers and try to protect their community. Many base raiders simply seek wealth though, and are willing to sell what they’ve recovered to the highest bidder. This can even include organized crime groups, terrorists, and rich but unstable individuals. It would be difficult to find members of either major party that favor widespread trafficking in super armaments, dangerous alien technology, and similar commodities.

There are base raiders that seek to empower themselves in order to protect their communities, but this is still illegal and law enforcement targets them as much as any other scavenger of empowering magic and technology. So, even idealists who become base raiders have to be very careful both inside and outside of any secret lair that they may find.

Base Raiders

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