Important People and Places

Blackmoor – Medieval-themed warrior supervillain active from early 1980s to early 1990s. Sometimes seen as a swashbuckling rogue or criminal with a heart of gold. Usually partnered with a technological or magical “wizard.”

Blackmoor’s Treasure

  • The Royston Bestiary – 14th Century English bestiary.
  • The Suffolk Treasure – Anglo-Saxon treasure. Includes an crown, a torque, a cross, and 5,000 coins, all gold.
  • The Sword of Orleans – 14th Century French Latin translation of a lost 10th Century Aramaic and Hebrew grimoire related to demons.
  • The Sword of Orleans – Sword associated with Joan of Arc.

Caniff International airport – Located west of the Wildenberg River. Northeast of Henson Air Force Base.

District Hill – Largely Mexican and Mexican-American area south of Little Japan and Chinatown, northwest of the historically African-American Bakerville.

Fox-Broom University – Major university west of the Wildenberg River and Schwartz Field, and the Caniff International Airport.

Fox-Bloom University Department of Archeology and Anthropology

Silvia Cordero – Cute, hard-working Salvadorean grad student specializing in urban archeology.

Doctor Charles “Chuck” Romano – Tenured physical anthropology professor not far from retirement. edits the Journal of Archeology and Anthropology

Doctor Ellen Waters – Head of the department, flinty political animal, notable cultural anthropologist.

Pepe Alvarez – Astro Zeta member and money handler.

The Astro City Adventurers Guild – Live action role playing group founded in 1981. Five members went missing in 1984, allegedly near Schwartz Field.

The Astro Zetas – Cartel split off from the Zetas in Ciudad Juarez. The Astro Zetas are trying to gain power in Astro City. They are taxing criminal activities in District Hill and have at least one super soldier on their payroll and want more.

The Boys of Summer – Criminal gang active during the early 1980s.

The Dungeon Master – Villain mentioned by Blackguard.

The Jalisco – Bar in the District Hill area. Used as a Aztro Zetas as part of their operation.

The Red Scare – The Red Menace’s communist supervillain lieutenant.

The Red Menace – Communist mastermind supervillain active from the late 40s to the late 60s.

The Spirit of 76 – Patriotic Hero active from World War Two. Fought crime, aliens, and communist agents with his teen sidekick Hawk, and Miss America and The Professor. Famous enemies includes the Red Menace, the Atomic Brain, and Mordu the Mystic. They also fought against the 1957 Grey invasion. They allegedly disappeared while investigating an attack on Henson Air Force Base in 1966.

Important People and Places

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