Starting Characters

Starting PCs will be highly competent non-supers built with the Strange FATE rules. They start with 15 skill points and four refresh. Strange FATE does not use Stunts.

15 points may not seem like much, as your previous FATE characters were built with 20 points, but Strange FATE uses Common Skills. These usually bundle together more than one of the sort of skills that are found in FATE Core. For example, Strange FATE’s (Common) Science skill includes Craft, Information, Research, and Treatment [Physical]. So, your 15 point, four refresh PC may well be more capable than a 20 point FATE Core character. Of course, any killer robots or stranded alien invaders or SWAT teams that you meet might not be overly impressed.

You can reduce your Refresh by one in order to get 5 more points to spend on skills.

Each PC starts with five aspects. See page 94 to get started. As you are not (yet?) supers, substitute question 2 (Origin Story) with an aspect that reflects a connection to people other than the PCs. This aspect could relate to family, non-adventuring friends, or some cause or bigger than yourself. So, the new question for 2 will be Who do you care about? or What do you believe in?

When you answer question 5, remember that you have probably never actually broken into a base before. This aspect should still be one that ties you to another player.

If you intend to acquire superpowers, you might want to leave some points unspent to help pay for them. Some processes that give people cost a substantial amount of points, and if you can’t pay at least part of the cost, the experience can damage or even kill you.

It might be very useful if the group included some of the following skill sets:

The Super Crime Expert – Are you former supervillain flunky? A sidekick that was only starting off before all the supers disappeared? An otaku obsessed with super villains? Someone who knows a lot about how supers operate would be very useful, as would a character with an understanding of law enforcement. Such experts with criminal or supers roots may be streetwise. Or, if the PC worked on their master’s robots or super weapons, they might have a background in science or technology. An otaku may have great contacting and research skills.

The Computer Expert – Online research can help find bases. Sometimes, computer skills help when you’re inside. Daring hackers can find useful info in all sorts of places. Some computer experts also understand electronics, physics, and other sciences. Some are skilled at research. Others might have a good understanding of bureaucracy.

The B&E Expert – You can’t raid the base if you can’t get through the front door. Maybe you’re an engineer or a safe cracker and have some great tools. An access expert could also be the Computer Expert.

The Face – It is always good to have someone who can read people and convince others to help them. If they are good at networking, so much the better.

The Scout – Athletic skills, stealth, and cool nerves are needed for those that go first, especially if they plan to brave dark ventilation shafts and similar places.

The Muscle – Bases often have guardians. Criminals may try to steal your loot. Rival base raiders may try to drive you away from your find. Would having at least one person with combat skill be very useful? Do fights ever happen in supers-related fiction?

The Occultist – Some bases belonged to supers with magical abilities. If you choose to seek out such bases, having an expert on the arcane can help you understand what you’re dealing with. Ancient languages, research skills, and recognizing weird symbols could save your life, and maybe your soul!

The Medic – The Science and Survival skills include Treatment [physical]. This is the healing skill.

The Money – Wealth is always handy!

Additional Common Skills

I’ve added…

Cross Cultural

The Character is steeped in more than one culture. For each level of skill, they know one language and are familiar with more than one culture and have more than one set of cultural contacts.

Note: If you have both character concept and an aspect that reflects being part of more than one culture, you can have one language for free.
Information, Languages, Networking

Examine, Information, Convince, Networking, Wealth

Examine, Information, Networking, Research, Treatment [Physical]

Know About Supers
Examine, Information, Networking, Research

Starting Characters

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