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The following news stories are prominent in The Astro City Rocket newspaper and various other traditional and online news sources:

The crime wave that began after the supers disappeared continues to hurt business and tourism and damage the city’s economy.

Shots were fired at the Jalisco, a bar in District Hill. Police made no arrests. Witnesses reported that a man and a woman were involved though there is no clear description. They left in a van.

Job cuts at Biro Island Correctional Facility. Two hundred guards have lost their jobs. The loss of super criminal prisoners and city budgetary problems have caused these losses. Most worked at the high-security facility formally used to house super criminals.

City council is deadlocked over response to increased crime. There is a demand for more police to be trained, but a lack of money in the city budget makes this a problem. A ballot initiative to raise the local sales tax is being discussed by some, but many fear that this will disproportionately impact the poor, hurt small businesses, and cause more residents to leave Astro City.

Criminal trials are backed up, plea bargaining is up, and the police are having trouble keeping order.

American Cancer Society suing police department for not enforcing anti-smoking rules. The police have been accused of not enforcing smoking and other “minor” infractions.

Enrollment at Fox-Broome University up, especially grad students. Interviews suggest that many students are prolonging their education to avoid unpromising employment prospects. Some full-time professors let go or not hired, more adjuncts hired instead. Professors without tenure are fearing for their jobs.

Firearms purchases are up.

The Menagerie Gang hit (the) Barker Black (shoe store) in West Canewood, taking 30 pairs of shoes – at $1,000 a pair. The gang is comprised of well-dressed men wearing animal masks.

In Fass Gardens, just south of Shadow Hill. Neighborhood has seen influx of refugees from Iraq and Syria. More established residents have mixed feelings about refugees. Some sort of prowler or prowlers have been reported in the area.

Gang violence has broken out in Chinatown and Little Japan and North Bakerville. Police will not confirm rumors that a gang with Mexican cartel connections is involved.

The idea of citizen patrols have been increasingly discussed. Several have formed in Astro City. Some are training to defend against alien invasion. Some are providing escorts to neighbors after dark, especailly at Fox-Broome University. Police are discouraging this, but patrol members say “We need to do something to protect our neighborhoods”

Four hikers disappeared in the Los Coyotes National Forest.

Stories about supers:

This is the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of the Liberty League. The Spirit of 76 and his teen sidekick Hawk, Miss America, and The Professor fought crime, aliens, and communist agents for almost 20 years. Famous enemies include the Red Menace, the Atomic Brain, and Mordu the Mystic. They also fought against the 1957 Grey invasion. They allegedly disappeared while investigating an attack on Henson Air Force Base.

Stories about Confessor have been circulating because of alleged base raider violence around Granadenetti Cathedral. Confessor was allegedly a vampire that dressed as a priest who fought crime from the 1950s until 1996 when he was killed on national television while revealing hidden aliens that had impersonated numerous political leaders. He was rumored to have returned about ten years later, though some claim that this was another man, perhaps even his teen sidekick, Altar Boy.

Stories about the Underground have appeared lately. While there is disagreement, this is allegedly a collection of aliens, supernatural beings, robots and androids, and other non-humans that have banded together for survival’s sake. They allegedly live in the sewer system, or places cloaked by magic or technology, or disguised as normal human beings. it is alleged that some members deal in advanced supers technology. There is speculation that more than a few members of the Underground were supers, and may have had based which they left abandoned.

Story about Los Coyotes National Forest and how Coyote, after whom it was named, was allegedly a Native American hero with enhanced physical abilities, healing powers, and mystical knowledge. Folk tales claim that he had a lair of some kind. Professor Hernandez, at Fox-Broom University’s Anthropology, says that tales about Coyote are unreliable, but that some may be based on real events.

The Astro City Rocket

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